Extasis Records
Extasis Records: Internet based Record Label

Machine Politics
Genetical Engineering
Artificial Life
Holographic Dimension

Transgress Life & Reality
New Places, New Shapes join New Societies;
New Wave Condos for Sale.
Take care of what you want, take care of what you need.
Take care of what you see, Take care of what you listen to….

"el EXTASIS esta con nosotos esta noche"
A hurry for contents, A hurry for Experience…
Reflex Beware! Reality is perception.
Deep Virualites take advantage…

Thuth is Everywhere.
- Time to Abstract, Time to Brake Concepts -

AR-P - Oima [EXTASIS010]

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/C3QsIvZiWuU


México 1810
México 1910
México 1968
México 1994
México 2012

y nuestros sistemas de poder son los mismos
y nuestras estructuras de poder continuan fuertes
y nuestras manifestaciones siguen recurrentes,
como sin chispa, como sin ser una verdadera manifestación…

83,191 es el total de muertos
2006 - 2012 son los años
México es el país
Felipe Calderon el presidente

y a esto va dedicado este track,
como un fugitivo, como una resistencia…
le canta a la muerte, le canta a la violencia,
no como suceso, si no imagen…
como portada de periódico, como estimulo al morbo…

canta a la cifra, a los 83,191
y no a los muertos;
sino al número de los que nos dijeron habían muerto

y así abre otro portal, otra vía…
inaugurando 2013,
un salto a la imagen misma,
a nuestro deseo inconsciente
para cuestionarnos sobre lo que somos,
para cuestionar la patria,
para cuestionar la muerte,
para cuestionar las sustancias,
nuestros excesos,
nuestros deseos,
nuestras pasiones
y así nuestros modos,
nuestros sistemas,
si bien es cierto México en 2012 marco pauta al mundo con la inauguración de la Guerra Capital,
propia de un mundo Post Religioso / Post Politico / Post Moral… también es cierto que sus zonas mas calientes (por referir de modo coloquial) han servido para romper contextos y conceptos…

Track a cargo de ESPECTRO | CAUDILLO, video a cargo de Bu$hon $amurai… surgen como dos forasteros de la 1nterne† desde TJ, mandando al mundo señales de resistencia y de una nueva arquitectura social, la contracultura viva.

Baila al ritmo corrosivo y ácido de Mexico: Año Cero, siente la techno anarquía, siente la resistencia del RÅV3.

Espectro | Caudillo - México: Año Cero

1. México: Año Cero
2. México: Año Cero (TOP 10 mix)

VIDEO: youtu.be/1_Ul8jdaW1k

Acid is All

World is over now
Apocalipsis is gone

Feel thee sensation of the †echno ©reation

Dj Hotmale talks to you about

About your dreams / your giddy ray of light /
About your URL Xstanz
Abut your IRL Xstanz

Reality is broken —->
Nu Reich opens his ņ3$
Context is open
Multi Dimensional Human Beings

Holographic Posibilities, become as ®3@L

After that, existance doesn’t Xst #E

light trough space & sound trough time
spectrums & waves
Machine Based Rhythm / Electronic Algorithms

Dj Hotmale is singin’ about FÅ1†H

Welcome to thee n3w World
Welcome to thee n3w Xstance

Thee Mind / Thee Soul / Thee Acid is all

No borders, no genders

This is a Technological Religion
This is our trans-human cult
This is our fount of hope

Feel thee E!


Dj Hotmale - Acid is All

1. Dj Hotmale - Acid Is All
2. Dj Hotmale - Acid Is All (RiDGE remix)

VIDEO: vimeo.com/56312068

Dj Hotmale - Acid is All [EXTASIS007] from Extasis Records on Vimeo.


[EXTASIS006] Xyloid - Electron Curry

Wet URLself with this Spicy Rhythms, with this water-referring sounds.

This is our sixth release. Thee chosen 1 for EXTASIS006 is Xyloid, cool-fresh-young blood from San Antonio.

Intelligent Dance Music is 20 years old, bringing with it new rhythm structures based on breaks and not strictly dancefloor rhythms.

For more than 10 years electronic music producers have been focused on the fact that their final product is going to be intangible, %100 pure digital formats that open the possibility ov infinite reproductions.

There’s been many years since technology based ghetto-sounds continuously redesign electronic dance music.

Where are we now?

This is 2K12.. Thee world ends… Thee beginning ov a new era!

This is not about sounds, this is not about rhythms… 

this is about thee references, 

this is about thee wave,

this is about thee image… 

The new possibilities, 

the new structures, 

this is about rebirth on collage…

Get on the wave! / Construct your own wave!

Our B-Side comes from New Zeland’s K∆RIIIB∆… 


get into it!

And please do not miss thee video, it is really amazing.


1. Electron Curry

2. Electron Curry (K∆RIIIB∆ MEGAMIX wow!)


[EXTASIS005] Trigzo - Serious Flavor Over Halftime 

Get Rush! 

Come on yo’ 

Diggin’ tha feeling 
Diggin’ tha spirit 
Diggin’ tha rave 
Diggin’ tha edge… 

Construct y*ur house 

This is a feeling. 
This is a calling. 
This is thee truth. 


That’s love. 
That’s flow. 
Acelerate your body… 
Get down 2 thee breakpoint 

Open up ‘ur mind 
Open up ‘ur soul 

                                  2 tha xperiencE 
                                  2 tha possibility 

This is Serious Flavor Over Halftime 
Straight from North Carolina. 
This is from our boy Trigzo 
Splash thee floor w/ this 90’s house flavored track…   

This is his call: 

"…I want that ‘90 vibe back on the clubs, and I ready to kill that "I wanna go smoke in the patio and look cool by not doing anything" mood that I started to see. No this is not "oh cool a woomp sound" or "that bass is so heavy?" type of sound. Stress Free Environment will make you dance. 

Serious Flavors Over Halftime is all about the mid-bass in connection with the piano stabs, its hypnotic. Its the type of tune I wanna hear on a room full with people, when is all dark and the lights keeping the vibe up. 

Its about a good party and having fun. Of course the remix by Longchild is also incredibly hypnotic. This techno version was made grown ups. Making my tune sound so deep, and that bass gets your heart rate up. Definitely a track that will find a way into many sets.” 


                                Trust Luv 
                   Cut thee edge / New era began… 


1. Serious Flavour Over Halftime 
2. Serious Flavour Over Halftime (Longchild remix) 


[EXTASIS004] Sonido Berzerk - Gangstaz

What’s tha outside? 
What’s a border? 
What’s tha far?


Thee Internet Generation 
Worldwide Connection 
Talkin’bout in-formation…

Accessible knowl-edge.

is it real? 
is it really there?

Cumming straight from Veracruz… 
Sonido Berzerk presents this oniric xperiencE.

Rush over this dreamy beats, 
hypnosis inducing sequences with a touch ov #trap.

It’s time to drEam!

hard times 4 thee spirit.

From the periphery* this homeboy has tha new pills!

<3 Body & Mind <3


1. Gangstaz 
2. Gangstaz (Gangstahton remix)


[EXTASIS003] ∆N∆LIC∑ - Block Drop:

Freeze ur anus with this six am rush hit!! Hard ICE-COLD Bass & runny sequences. ΔΝΔLΙСΣ is a Dj and producer from Mexico city, he has been workin on thee music field for some years making collabs with labels such as Nimbo, Aural Sects, NAAFI and #401.

Trap tha floor with this SICK single and it’s mixtape-ready refix. DEAL! Get mad & enjoy it BOiz.

Chill your bootie-sweat with this COLD Block Drop

"¿Got Hielokos?"

1. Block Drop
2. Block Drop (icyanus Refix)



[EXTASIS002] zutzut - World To You:

Monterrey producer zutzut (a.k.a. Alejandro Nuñez Ferrara) takes this Cam’Ron sample to ask one of thee most controversial and unspoken questions ov this Global-Post-Western Civilization “What means the world to you?”.

This release is an apocalyptic manifesto. Accompanied with a shocking video that came out of a purple sea, full of cute ass money, cars, hoes and guns. zutzut puts over the table a reflection ov our conception of power and economics.

Get ready to bootyclap with this dancefloor killa track made for an ultra-pleasure, ultra-selfish and ultra-consumist extasis society. Get ready to move yourself at thee club.

"I’ll kill u dog"

a) World To You 
b) World To You ($$$ Mix)


Get it!

[EXTASIS001] Jack’ ie Lo - Memorandum Colosio:

Jack’ ie Lo, internet-based young producer that takes thee most representative speech given by Luis Donaldo Colosio, mexican presidential candidate who was murdered in Tijuana during his Mexican Presidential campaign on March 23, 1994 to produce this single that feels like an aggressive reporting from a global teen with a tough attitude, that make scoff from politics, corruption, progress and thee ideal of power, that thee society of economics have constructed. 

Memorandum Colosio is raw jacking techno with nocive 303 sounds, it is acid-house for the “Y” generation.

  1. Memorandum Colosio
  2. Memorandum Colosio (Hambre mix)


Get it!